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Meteor Garden v. Boys Before Flowers

Alright, so after a LOT of begging on my friends part, I decided to give in and watch Boys Before Flowers. Fully aware of it being another version of Meteor Garden (which I LOVE), I was a bit skeptical of any other adaptation. I couldn't stand watching Hana-Yori Dango (mainly due to the main girl), but I grew to enjoy Boys Before Flowers.. until the 24th episode. *sighs* Behind the cut are the pros/cons of Boys Before Flowers


1) Due to an obviously better budget, I loved the sets and locations that this drama took place. Clothing was also A LOT better than MG.

2) Lee Minho reminds me so much of Jerry Yan. Both of whom I absolutely adore. <3 Overall though, the cast of BBF was 10x better than the cast of MG mainly due to acting chops. In MG, it was F4's first time acting, and the acting was borderline cheesy, overdone, and very very whiny.


1) The storyline was played out SOOO much better in MG than BBF. Jun Pyo and Jan Di were apart MORE in the drama than they were together. Honestly, I lost the connection between the two of them because it took so long for them to get back together. It was pretty disappointing because the last three episodes involved TWO more separations from each other. -_-'

2) Yi Jung's storyline kind of came from nowhere. I was really blindsighted by it and I felt it was really forced =/. Kim Bum's acting was also over the top. -_-' I didn't need the first love problem with him.. a brief explanation would've sufficed. I just wanted the relationship for him and Ga Eul to move along. Also the disgraceful sad 5 minutes for Woo-Bin in episode... 21? 22? was really just useless and unnecessary. I mean, let's put a little more substance and meaning in for the character as opposed to a brief 5 minute FREAKOUT of how he's "embarrassed". Seriously? that's all the writers were able to come up with? *sighs* Kim Joon REALLY got cheated.

Right now I'm currently rewatching Meteor Garden.. so some of this may change.. but so far Meteor Garden trumps Boys Before Flowers MAINLY due to the layout of the storyline.

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